Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stop The CRC dot ORG

A fresh face in the transportation battle.

Finally some traction in this battle. The only way to beat such large, powerful faceless organization as those promoting the CRC is to work together. But how can people organize?

A great way is to use your massively smart brain to do some searching of the internerds. Then you would learn that there are a variety of groups that don't want a massive "one bridge to rule them all" solution.


Joining the ranks is a new group created by various cyclists, peace activists, and Rising Tide (a direction action environmental group).
We are calling for a back-to-the-drawing board approach
to regional transportation policy that de-prioritizes highway expansions and
puts as its first goal reducing air pollution (& its cost to surrounding
communities), decreasing our use of foreign oil, and improving our region's
bike and public transportation infrastructure. - (available soon!)

Talk to them at Sunday Parkways
  • Sunday 19 July
  • Sunday Parkways Northeast!!!
  • Fernhill Park: NE 37th + Ainsworth

Come on out, meet your neighbor! (or meet people who might be your neighbor if you both come from the same hood and meet each other.)

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