Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Economy of the Future Part 3

Joe has some pretty good numbers. In this final episode of his testimony he explains the fallacy of the Safety concerns the CRC people are selling us.

Moreover He shows hos important it is that we improve the railroad bridge for moving freight.

Here is Joe Cortright's 6 Prudent Steps for solving the problems the CRC is trying to solve.

  1. Toll the existing bridge
  2. Improve transit
  3. Fix the railroad bridge
  4. Seismic upgrade for I-5 bridge
  5. Modify Hayden Island ramps
  6. Light rail to Clark County

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Economy of the Future Part 2

What about funding?

Yes he said the CRC is "80 times more expensive than the Ariel Tram"

Not to sound like a jerk, but how dense is PDX? How about the Couve? What about the planners who expect that planners who think that we can build our way out of congestion?

Stand by for the conclusion of Joe Cortright's testimony to City Hall, "The Economy of the Future Part 3" " available here tomorrow.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Economy of the Future Part 1

Joe Cortright provides some spirited info about the future of building more driving capacity.

Get your econ on.

Thanks for sharing, Joe!

Wait for "The Economy of the Future Part 2", coming tomorrow!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stop The CRC dot ORG

A fresh face in the transportation battle.

Finally some traction in this battle. The only way to beat such large, powerful faceless organization as those promoting the CRC is to work together. But how can people organize?

A great way is to use your massively smart brain to do some searching of the internerds. Then you would learn that there are a variety of groups that don't want a massive "one bridge to rule them all" solution.


Joining the ranks is a new group created by various cyclists, peace activists, and Rising Tide (a direction action environmental group).
We are calling for a back-to-the-drawing board approach
to regional transportation policy that de-prioritizes highway expansions and
puts as its first goal reducing air pollution (& its cost to surrounding
communities), decreasing our use of foreign oil, and improving our region's
bike and public transportation infrastructure. - (available soon!)

Talk to them at Sunday Parkways
  • Sunday 19 July
  • Sunday Parkways Northeast!!!
  • Fernhill Park: NE 37th + Ainsworth

Come on out, meet your neighbor! (or meet people who might be your neighbor if you both come from the same hood and meet each other.)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1st anti-crc entry

The 1st of the entries for the crc is in!

thoughts? responses? meh?!?

Monday, July 13, 2009

CRC Flyer Competition

People sometimes feel a sense of bewilderment when it comes to engaging with such a massive opponet as the supporters of a 12-lane CRC.
"The people working to make this bridge are connected with power and influence. What can I do?"
Fear not citizen! For you are more powerful than you might have once perceived (unless you are overcome with delusions of grandeur, in which case just keep on reading and don't let me add to your existing feelings of power).

The simple act of giving a shit will overcome much. And if you care enough to have a conversation with someone then you can be influential. Pretend you dont have an opinion about the CRC... why not try asking those around you, "Hey do you know about the CRC? Can you tell me about it?"


But for those who DO care and DO have an opinion and DO want to share it we have this challenge.

Make a flier!

Portland (and the whole of the NW really) is supposed to be overrun with creative types that have more time and education than drive to use them. So here is the call to action: create a flier (an image with text or something, you dont really need me to tell you what a flier is right?) you would be willing to hand out to a friend or neighbor or stranger. Then post a link to it in the comments.

Lets democratize the process by encouraging more voices!

Fliers made in the next 48 hours (the afternoon of Wednesday, July 15th) will be printed and available this Sunday 7/19 at a great opportunity to meet some people, the Northeast Portland Sunday Parkway

You can come and walk, jog, skate, bike, or any other form of non motorized travel for hours! With no fear of being hit by a large hunk of metal moving at 30 mph right behind you! Fun! (or at least not terrifying!)

I will spend most of my time playing and enjoying some fine Bike Polo on the east side of Alberta Park. Come by, watch a game, have a conversation, enjoy the festivities.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

informative video series #3

In this final video in the series we learn some of the problems the CRC attempts to solve and some alternative solutions.

This video is a great way to get to learn about this project. Please share this media with your friends and neighbors. Lets not waste any more money!

Columbia River Crossing : Alternatives from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

informative video series #2

In the last video we learned about the nature of I-5 and the various choke points and what Oregon and Washington governments are planning do to (i.e. spend BILLIONS of dollars)

In this second video we learn about the principle of induced demand. Don't worry, it is not that complicated.

Columbia River Crossing : Induced Demand from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

informative video series

3 videos will be posted soon, this one talks about the nature of Interstate 5 as it moves though Portland Metro.

Columbia River Crossing : Introduction from Nick Falbo on Vimeo.