Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ready to do something?

You may have heard about some coming to senses by our local politicians. We are naturally thrilled to have all the help we can get, but lets not rest on our laurels. This thing is still costing taxpayers more than a million every month and it will keep costing us lots of money until it is over.


In anticipation of climate talks in Copenhagen this December, a world-wide "350 Campaign" ( is hitting the planet THIS SATURDAY - October 24th. With over 15 events in Portland & 1,000s around the world, Help us connect the dots to the biggest LOCAL opportunity to make an impact on GLOBAL climate change: Stopping the CRC Highway Megabridge!

we want real transportation policies that address global warming!
WE NEED YOU: our amazing no-CRC volunteers. Please see which of the volunteer teams below you can join, and help us make a big change on Saturday! Email for more info.

prep team:
Thurs 12pm - 4pm
Fri 1pm - 9pm
We need help making more bike flags and rally signs, and making more buttons. If you can help during any of the times listed above, email to get location details, and come help us make more stuff!!

march team:
12:15pm Meet on PSU Campus in the park blocks just north of the farmer's market. Look for No CRC banner. Help pass out signs to folks with No CRC messages, We pose for a photo-op, then march to the rally. Chalk along the route, pass out flyers. Wear green! Bring a sign if you're feelin' it in public!

bike team:
Meet at Col. Summers Park (20th & SE Belmont). Rain or Shine! Help zip-tie bike flags to folks' bikes. Pass out flyers at the rally. Represent in the streets! We ride to the rally via the Hawthorne Bridge!

More Lanes =
More Cars =
More CO2

Mobility for People not Cars!

CRC: Highway to Climate Hell!

CRC: Highway to Climate Chaos

Thanks to for organizing!