Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1st anti-crc entry

The 1st of the entries for the crc is in!

thoughts? responses? meh?!?


Anonymous said...

does the helmet law take affect half way on the bridge? ..o wait ill Google that. someone start pay'n this guy for all the blogn' he does. I wouldn't know anything if your didn't care bout EVERYTHING!

Jon said...

You should blend the two pictures a little to make it a bit smoother between the park pic and the traffic one. It does show a harsh boundary between the two decisions, which may be what you are trying to illustrate... I think it should be a bit smoother on the eyes though.

Maybe a question mark after 12 lane Columbia River Crossing, maybe in larger font and with something to make it stand out more against the background.

revphil said...

thanks friends!

more media to come? who is next to get their photoshop on?