Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Please sign our petition to stop the CRC project and ask lawmakers to consider many alternatives. ( Like the CSA - Common Sense Alternative )
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Here's a myth spread by Oregon Democrats:
There's no need to take action to stop the 12 lane freeway costing $5 billion. It will never get funding. Reality: The Governor and House majority leader have included $400 million in their budget for 2013

It is up to every voter to call or join our petition to spend our money better.  The Legislature has a majority of support and the check will be in the mail.

List of phone numbers:

quote: "The Democrat’s proposed 2013-15 budget includes $450 million for the CRC. That’s roughly the share Oregon is expected to come up with as part of the project’s $3.5 billion price tag. CRC planners are banking on Washington lawmakers to commit about the same amount, though project leaders have suggested that may not have to come all at once.
Kitzhaber’s budget outline doesn’t guarantee funding for the CRC — far from it. That will ultimately be up to the Oregon Legislature, which convenes in January"