Thursday, September 3, 2009

Car-Free Couve

Vancouver Car Free day is this Friday!
September 4th from 5pm - 10pm,
On swanky Main St between 6th and 11th.

There is no telling what will happen in that space. It was only a couple months ago that a naked cyclist was arrested after being hit by a cop car.

Most Portland Bikers:
A) loose their frigging minds over Sunday Parkways and
B) do not happen upon car free streets in Vancouver often.

Therefore I invite you all to join me, revphil (the top score holding writing person on this whole blog) on a bike ride from Farragut Park (7700 N Vancouver Ave) to Car-Free Vancouver
We will meet at 4pm and ride shortly after 5pm.

My Amazing google skills demonstrate the northern Delta Park to I-5 bike path.

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There will probably not be a truck blocking the way tomorrow.

That this has not been more publicized (or even publicized at all?) is of significant concern. Internet searches for Vancouver Car Free Day 2009
(w/ a variety of non-BC qualifiers, and relevant dates and places) came up with no results for anything from Southwest Washington.

Is Car-Free Couve totally underground?

Is Greg Raisman the next Jonathan Maus? maybe not but we are thankful for his photo just the same.

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