Tuesday, May 5, 2009

spreading the wealth and planning for the future

This guest post was sent into our northeast office
First of all, gas prices are going to increase drastically to shall we say, de-congest the roads that have worked fine for all these years. By the time this project is completed, it will likely be completely unnecessary. Shouldn't that at least go into consideration, maybe delay this project until driving conditions have leveled out again?
---but more important that that I wish to say, I don't know if you've ever been down and out, but I tell you this from the bottom of my heart:
So many people are struggling for even a part time job, on the verge of, or already have lost their homes. Real children are hungry and malnourished, their parents are going to do desperate things. And all the while heartless tyrants are buying and manipulating the understanding of health in lieu of adequate formal education, with no opposition to their over funded campaigns to think it's okay to live off of the right prepackaged foods. Four billion dollars is a ridiculous amount of money, I ask you in kind of you realize the sheer gravity of change this could make for us little people? Sometimes getting ten dollars means one may eat something nice, one thousand means bills are covered and there's nourishing foods. A million can make a big difference to a whole school, a whole community can feel more connected and prosperous. There's four thousand of those wrapped up in this one eyesore. Every community in the whole region could live better! Please help the people around you at least remember that Gas is going to become suuuper expensive again, maybe it's better if we reconsider this all later, or something. Four billion dollars, please take a moment to consider how many people's world could be a completely different place.

~Anthony Brasher~

Thank you Anthony! Remember kids, it's not hard to share your opinions... of course the right amount of editing can help you get your point across so don't skimp on the syntax!

photo credit to Svadilfari and Pingu196

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