Saturday, April 4, 2009

Report the results of your call to politicians

This is the place to quickly report the results of telephone calls ( email & letters ) to politicians regarding opposition to the 12 lane mega bridge. Click here to print or view the report card and contact info for these people. You don't have to state your real name or logon to add your notes/comments. Please tell us the name of the person you called and how they answered your concerns. Click here to add your call notes .


Anonymous said...

Update. Sen. Carter's office called back and said they oppose the 12 lane bridge.

revphil said...

we ran out of report cards!

please post the file so we can print out own

Joe R said...

I updated the instructions at the top with a link where you can click and get the PDF. We will create a more web interactive list of contacts soon.

revphil said...

I called a Washington Rep about the Gerrymandering issue listed at the end of this crank my chain video.

the clerk on the phone, said he would pass my message on. It was quick and easy. more soon!

Sue said...

I sent out an email to a long slew of names, one result I received was:

Dear Ms. Marcoe,
>Thanks for writing. I am currently formulating my position on this
>issue. I will support a project only if it meets both high transparency
>and environmental stewardship standards. Your thoughts will help me
>make a decision. I'll weigh your ideas along with opinions from other
>SW Portlanders.
>Mary Nolan
>State Representative (SW Portland)
>House Majority Leader